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Student Feedback: Teaching Evaluation Comments

(all original evaluation sheets with comments and scores available upon request)

Writing in the Humanities (Spring 2016), 18 students

  • “I have learned that the writing process takes time, and that it requires careful revision.”
  • “I've learned a lot about how writing works in the academic world – researching, editing, publishing, etc. – and that will be very helpful because I'm going to be writing in the academic world for at least the next three years. I know have a much clearer idea of what writing a research paper in college really entails.”
  • “This class made me more confident in my abilities to talk about my writing with other people and receive feedback from them.”
  • “I am a visual learner, so it helped that my teacher displayed expectations and instructions in a PowerPoint presentation.”
  • “The most helpful activity was the editing process. Ms. Thierauf's comments are very precise and useful.”
  • "The workload was pretty significant in comparison to other classes I've taken at UNC, but I thought by having a draft due before the paper it gave students more flexibility.”

Horror (Fall 2015), 26 students

  • “I loved this course! Ms. Thierauf is a very interesting lecturer, and I never felt bored in the class. She communicated clearly what was expected from us, and always told us when we were doing well. I loved this class.”
  • “She was very enthusiastic about the material. She was an amazing instructor who returned grades back very quickly.”
  • “The best class I have taken in college.”
  • “This course was excellent. Ms. Thierauf created a wonderful syllabus that contained engaging novels and short stories that explored horror literature. The class required close reading and analysis. Although this class contains a fair amount of work I cannot recommend this class by Ms. Thierauf more highly.”
  • “This was my favorite class. Ms. Thierauf is an amazing teacher who knows how to run a classroom. I definitely plan to take another one of her classes. Horror is a fascinating subject and has inspired me to major in English. Absolutely fantastic teacher. Would recommend.”
  • “Great course, amazing teacher, very interesting selection of books.”
  • “I liked that we went in order [when] speak[ing] in our circle, that was helpful and allowed everyone who raised their hand to speak most of the time.”
  • “Ms. Thierauf is one (if not the best) professor I have ever had. A brilliant professor, Ms. Thierauf is passionate about the material. She offers amazing insight and pushes students to fully develop discussion ideas and thoughts.”
  • “Perfect class.”
  • “She is my favorite teacher, very funny, smart, and engaging. She makes students want to perform well.”

Contemporary Literature: Dystopian Fiction (Fall 2014), 34 students

  • “After taking this course, I actually enjoy reading and feel as though I am able to relate literature to present-day issues and topics of discussion that are generated in most disciplines of study.”
  • “I thought Ms. Thierauf did an excellent job conveying the subject matter to her students and always came into class with a great attitude. I always felt like I could ask her questions and she gave constructive feedback on all the work I handed in.”
  • “I signed up for a literature class, but what I got was closer to a literature class with a scoop of philosophy, which was great. Ms. Thierauf did a great job leading discussions and making students think critically of the works we read, as well as how they applied to society.”
  • “Ms. Thierauf is an instructor who has a true talent for teaching. She is knowledgeable about her subject and sufficiently aware of the major topics in subjects outside her own—this allows her to draw from topics outside of literature (e.g., biology, ethics) to engage with the material holistically. She is captivating.”
  • “Ms. Thierauf was one of the best teachers I've had at UNC. She always made herself available if you needed help and encouraged students to meet with her and get additional feedback on their work. Her class encouraged me to think critically and helped me improve my writing. Her course was discussion based and very thought provoking.”
  •  “I liked that the class was discussion based and that we learned from one another.”
  • “I really enjoyed the presentations that each student worked on. There were a lot of quizzes, but they helped me to develop ideas faster.”
  • “The daily classmate-led discussion helped me gain different perspectives from the reading. Don't change.”
  • “The instructor placed all the desks in a circle to successfully encourage productive in-class discussion.”
  • “Her enthusiasm of the subject matter was clear, and I really enjoyed the energy she created in the classroom.”
  • “She is very witty and always makes for an interesting class. She is one of my favorite professors.”
  • “Professor Thierauf was always extra willing to meet during office hours or during other times if I was unavailable. I enjoyed our conversations and she always gave great advice about my papers and presentation.”
  • “Really appreciative for the availability of the professor to talk in class and outside of class.”
  • “She was super personable and available if you needed help. Pretty sure she’d do anything in her power to help a student who was behind on work, or struggling with the material.”
  • “She has a way of drawing you in when she is speaking.”
  • “The teacher was great. Ms. Thierauf is always available if you need her. I also liked the fact that she seemed to really love what the course was about and was enthusiastic about all the discussions we had in class.”

Writing in the Natural Sciences (Spring 2014), 18 students

  • “The class was well designed, organized, and executed, and the instructor [is] attentive and engaging.”
  • “This semester I've learned the benefit of outlining my ideas and drafting before I attempt to write my final paper. I've also learned how synthesize my ideas more effectively as well as condense and cut when needed.”
  • “This class has helped me become more comfortable presenting and preparing my work to be presented. I believe I am much calmer in front of an audience and that preparation is key to confidence.”
  • “It was a lot of workshopping which I liked because I like to sit down, throw in the headphones, and crank things out whether it be my own work or revising others’. The Google Doc parties were also helpful in establishing a basis of knowledge on a particular subject or step in the process that we could discuss together.”
  • “I am much more of a hands-on learner. I do not comprehend and retain information as well when a professor simply lectures to the class. This course was perfect for my style of learning because the small groups kept everyone actively participating more often, the Google Docs allowed for a collection of ideas in a fun manner, and the class as a whole was very individually motivated. The amount of work you accomplished in class during workshop days was dependent on you and the work you were interested in; you did not have to complete meaningless busy work.”
  • “Ms. Thierauf was a fantastic instructor and really helpful when it came to revising and working through my papers.”
  • “This course taught me how to present effectively in multiple media, such as oral presentations, written compositions, and multimedia (particularly Prezis). I learned what components were important to presentations in each medium, including body language, enunciation, eye contact, structure, and understanding how to effectively communicate with my intended audience.”

Writing in the Medical Sciences (Spring 2014), 19 students

  • “I learn best by doing and this class provided me with that style of teaching. I was able to write my papers and revise them multiple times.”
  • “This class helped me overcome the fear of talking in front of others.”
  • “I was given the chance to use Prezi more exhaustively and I feel more comfortable using the platform. I've also regained some of my confidence as a writer, especially concerning the medical field. I never thought I would be able to write something like I had to for this class, but I did it.”
  • “I’ve learned that it’s all right to throw away everything you’ve written before to start over if the new topic is something I realize is more worth pursuing.”
  • “I am a visual learner and I also tend to start off very broadly. The PowerPoints that detailed what each class was about were nice guidelines. Being able to go to office hours to talk things over definitely helped in narrowing my focus.”
  • “It was most effective that we walked through each step and each step was thoroughly explained by [Ms. Thierauf] with the ability to ask questions.”

Intro to Fiction (Fall 2013), 18 students

  • “This was, by far, the most exciting, intellectually stirring, eye-opening course I have ever taken. I loved all the readings, I loved the discussions, I loved the professor, and I even loved the quizzes and papers. If I could keep taking this course, I would. It was life changing and wonderful, and the books I read in this class have impacted my life in so many ways and are some of my favorite books I’ve ever read.”
  • “She was always excited to help the students when we needed it, even if it was outside of office hours. I never felt like I was bothering her when I asked for help and she genuinely wanted each student to do well.”
  • “I loved this class, and I loved how it was discussion based. The only negative thing I can think of is that I think Professor Thierauf can jump in a little too often when students are speaking. She gets very excited about the discussions, which is great, and she has a lot of important things to say, but sometimes I think she could step back a little bit more. Otherwise, fantastic course!”
  • “Class discussions were interesting and engaging every time. The teacher shows great enthusiasm for the subject and is great at getting students excited. The research paper gives you a good idea of what it is like to be an English major.”
  • “This was my favorite class this semester, and it probably reaffirmed my choice to choose comparative literature as my major. I'd prefer it if most of my courses were like this one.”
  • “I liked it exactly as it was. Our discussions were exciting and we all shared ideas effectively and in a fair manner.”
  • “Very good use of scheduled class time and very light and engaging atmosphere. Very organized and stuck to syllabus schedule.”

Writing across the Disciplines, Research Exposure (Spring 2013), 18 students

  • “This class was excellent. It helped challenge me to think about a topic that really matters to me, explore what other scholars had to say about it, and organize it into a formal paper. I have learned how to tie back my ideas throughout my paper to my thesis effectively, how to keep my thoughts organized with reverse outlines, write literature reviews, etc. In the future, I believe I will be a more professional, efficient writer that uses sources from a variety of scholars.”
  • “I’ve learned through this course that good writing involves many steps and cannot be always be fleshed-out quickly. An intensive research paper is arduous, but by the time it's finished, it gives a great sense of accomplishment.”
  • “Most of all, I was able to strengthen my ability to back up my claims with evidence. The amount of writing done enabled me to practice my skills and exercise my writing muscles. Because of the creative freedom this class allowed, I was able to pick a major based on my work in this class.”
  • “It is often difficult for me to translate thoughts from my head to my writing/speech, but the design of this course allowed me to draft ideas multiple times, which helped. The oral presentation was great for me to experience because it made me less stressed about public speaking in general.”
  • “I like to work individually, but the class involved a lot of group work. This was actually beneficial to me, though, because I received a lot of positive feedback from my peers, and in turn I learned how to effectively help others with their progress.”
  • “I really appreciated the feedback we got on our work. Also reading others’ papers was helpful and posting in a Google Doc to brainstorm ideas/discuss a topic was a great way to go about that.”
  • “The assignments were challenging, but they seemed less intimidating when they were broken up into specific feeders and drafts of feeders—they all built upon each other very well. Ms. Thierauf was extremely willing to put her own time into helping us revise our papers, and organized meetings that helped me stay on track with my ideas. The thought map she made in our first meeting was extremely helpful—she wrote down the ideas I was telling her about and connected them to form a visual representation of my paper.”

English Composition and Rhetoric (Spring 2012), 19 students

  • “This class taught me how to start from scratch and create a publishable journal article. I learned how to revise drafts and move them into final papers.”
  • “My grammar and my writing skills have improved significantly. I have also gained more confidence speaking in front of a large audience.”
  • “This class enabled me to direct my writing towards a particular audience and adapt my writing style accordingly.”
  • “We write a ton every day in the activities which gives me more practice. This has helped me because we communicate with your classmates who work in our groups.”
  • “This course helped me most with giving oral presentations when I presented at an undergraduate conference. Public speaking has always been a problem to me, and this course was very helpful in developing that.”
  • “I am more of a visual learner and the teaching style that helped was that Ms. Thierauf always showed us a visual representation of how a part of our draft was supposed to look.”
  • “Written feedback on drafts was extensive and very helpful to me.”
  • “I think this class was great for every type of student learner. It was engaging in every way. Prof. Thierauf is a phenomenal teacher.”
  • “The class was perfect! I really enjoyed the small environment. There was more one-on-one time with the teacher which really helped me learn.”